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Acres Edge is your local landscape supply for: 2XT 3 Series Geogrid. Our experienced staff is available to assist you in product selection.

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2XT Geogrid

Available in 4' x 50' rolls

Soil behind the retaining wall can exert tremendous pressure on the blocks. Geogrid is placed to resist that pressure, while being resistant to biological degradation and from naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids. Geogrid is a bi-directional grid composed of high molecular weight, high tenacity multi-filament polyester yarns that are woven into a stable network placed under tension. The yarns are then coated with a PVC material. Great for retaining walls, steepened slopes, embankments, sub-grade stabilization, and embankments over soft soils.


  • Retaining walls
  • Steep slopes & embankments
  • Sub-grade stabilization
  • Soft soils under embankments
  • Waste containment/landfills

Geogrid 3 Series 2XT Bi-Directional


Geogrid 3 Series 2XT Bi-DirectionalGeogrid3

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