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76 Bridge St. (RT 38)
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Please inform us if any of the following circumstances apply to you, or could affect the installation of your mailbox post or light post.

♦    Will your mailbox post or light post need to be installed in a sidewalk or area covered by asphalt or concrete?
♦    Will we be removing your old post? Is the old post cemented in the ground? Is there any electric wiring connected to the post?
♦    Do you have or know of any underground watering system?

Kindly, be advised that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact DIGSAFE to mark any underground utilities prior to installation. DIGSAFE is a free service, funded entirely by its member utility companies. You can contact them at 888-DIG-SAFE. We will try our best to install your post in the location you have chosen, however some slight relocation may be necessary based on any underground utilities, or problems with soil conditions.

Light Post Installation

For light post installation it is very important to have the power to your light posts turned off, electrical wires disconnected from the old post, and all wires should be covered with electrical nuts. It will be your responsibility to make all arrangements for the electrical connections to the post from the existing wiring. We are not licensed electricians; therefore we will not connect any wires to the post or GFCI box.

If needed, we will remove your old post from the ground to install your new post. However, we will leave them on the property for you to dispose of.

Thank you,
Acres Edge

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