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Acres Edge is your local landscape supply for: Polymeric Sand for Paver Joints. Our experienced staff is available to assist you in product selection.

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Polymeric Sand for Paver Joints NH Landscape & Hardscape Supply, Landscaping & Hardscaping Supplies

Available in 3 colors:Gray, Beige & Black

Polymeric Sand for Paver Joints NH Landscape & Hardscape Supply, Landscaping & Hardscaping Supplies

Polymeric Sand for Paver Joints

New all-in-one formula for Joints up to 4" wide.

Colors: Grey, Beige & Black

Packaging: 50 lbs. per bag

(1 Bag covers 80-100 sq. ft. depending on joint size.)

EV EVOLUTION polymeric sand is a specially formulated high performance mix of graded sand and binding agent to fill pavers joints. EV EVOLUTION superior performance and durability is ideal for the installation of pavers or slabs as well as replacing existing joints on sidewalks, patios, sloped driveways or walkways. EV EVOLUTION will remain stable and flexible and maintain its flexibility and durability in the most extreme weather conditions.


• Apply product dry, hardens after spraying with water
• Prevents weed growth and ant hills
• Use horizontally or on sloped surfaces
• Withstands hot and cold weather
• Available in 3 colors: Gray, Black and Beige
• Maximum width of joints: 4”
• Minimum wetting depth: 1”
• Rapid setting and easy to install
• Rapid setting in warm and sunny weather

Of Joints
per Bag
 64 ft2 100 ft2 400 ft2 
inches ft2 6 m2 9 m2 36 m2
1/16" 126.7 1 Bag 1 Bag 4 Bags
1/8" 64.5 1 Bag 2 Bags 6 Bags
1/4" 33.4 2 Bags 3 Bags 12 Bags
3/8" 23 3 Bags 5 Bags 18 Bags
1/2" 17.8 4 Bags 6 Bags 23 Bags


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

STEP 1: Pour the EV EVOLUTION polymeric sand on a completely dry surface.

STEP 2: Using a push broom, spread the polymeric sand over the joints making sure to fill to the full depth of the paver,stone or slab.

STEP 3: Use a vibrating plate over the entire paver surface for joints less than 1/4". Repeat steps 1 to 3 if necessary to make sure the joints have been filled to at least 1/8" below the paver surface.

STEP 4: To avoid having the polymeric sand sticking to the paver surface, sweep the excess sand off the surface. Then, use a leaf blower to remove any sand, dust or residue. These two cleaning steps are crucial in order to maintain the original paver appearance.

STEP 5 WATERING/ACTIVATING: Ideally, work in 200 sq. ft. sections at a time. Set your spray nozzle to the "shower" position. Always begin the watering process from the lowest part of the project until the water starts to accumulate. Avoid flooding the pavers. It is recommended to check if the water has filtered down to at least 1 inch of the depth of the joints. To do this, simply use a screwdriver and scratch the sand, then pack-it back in to it's original position. You may have to perform the watering step a second time if necessary for those joints requiring more water. To eliminate the excess water, again use a leaf blower pushing the excess water off the paver surface.

STEP 6 DRYING/SETTING: At least 24 hours are required to allow the polymeric sand to cure and harden for optimal performance. Stay off the paved surface during that period. The curing and hardening process will take substantially longer in cold and damp temperatures. The longer the drying time, the better and longer lasting the end result will be.

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