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Acres Edge carries a variety of cold weather products: Fiber Fuel and Blizzard Wizard® Ice Melt, 4 FT Snow Stakes, Snow Shovels, and Bulk Sand & Salt/Sand Mix. We also offer Commercial Snowplowing Services. Our experienced staff is available to assist you in product selection.

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Fiber Fuel®
Clean Easy Firewood

  • Easy maintenance and cleanliness

  • No insects

  • Very little ash

  • Very little smoke

  • Quick and easy chimney cleaning

  • Less storage space, convenient to handle

  • Low moisture content

fiber fuel bricks logo
fiber fuel bricks
  • High efficiency burn

  • Made from all natural residues of soft wood processing by Lewis Mouldings

  • No additives

  • Suitable for all types of fire places or slow burning wood stoves or fire pits

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One pallet of Fiber Fuel bricks delivers the same heat as a full cord of wood

Fiber Fuel bricks Pelham, NH

fiber fuel bricks

Fiber Fuel bricks are 2 pounds of compressed kiln dried wood waste. The wood waste is a by-product from the moulding manufacturing done by Lewis Mouldings. These 2 pound bricks can be used as an alternative to hardwood in home heating applications. The process takes 2 pounds of loose wood waste and compresses it at very high pressures, which results in the forming of small, very dense bricks. It is the high pressures that form the normally loose wood waste to solid blocks rendering them suitable for use as firewood. There are no binders or glues added to the wood waste to cause it to form; it is the natural result of applying high pressure to wood waste.

Listed below are the specifications of our product:

  • Finished Product Size – 6” x 4 ¼” x 2 ½”
  • Finished Weight – approximately 2 lbs
  • Finished Product Shape – Rectangle Brick
  • Contents – Eastern White Pine (no Additives)
  • Calorific Value – 8,988 BTU/lb
  • Moisture – 7.01%
  • Ash Content – 0.163%
  • 16 Bricks per Bag / 60 Bags per Pallet / 960 Bricks per Pallet
  • One Fiber Fuel brick produces approximately 17,800 BTU's.
  • One pallet of Fiber Fuel (60 bags) produces approximately 17,088,000 BTU's.

Blizzard Wizard® Ice Melt

Blizzard Wizard Ice Melt NH Landscape & Hardscape Supply, Landscaping & Hardscaping Supplies

Blizzard Wizard® Ice Melt is a US Environmental Protection Agency Designed for the Environment (EPA DFE) certified encapsulated salt product that is the packaged component of our treated salt products. This premium enhanced salt product is produced from our dried and screened halite which is coated and encapsulated with Magnesium Chloride and an agriculturally derived organic corrosion inhibitor additive providing a true performance product with a healthy respect for the environment.

Blizzard Wizard is produced from a completely natural salt product that is carefully screened to uniform particle size, then encapsulation coated with a blend of magnesium chloride and an agriculturally derived organic corrosion inhibitor additive, and packaged. Contains Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and Organic based sugars.

  • Performance blend melts snow and ice down to -6°F

  • 50 lb. heat sealed plastic bags packed 49/pallet

  • Uniform particle size to facilitate easy flow in most spreaders

  • Aggressive melting performance

  • Gentle on vegetation

  • Long-lasting residual effects

  • Slow dilution

  • Treated surfaces retain an “ice shield” that can prevent ice and snow from bonding to surfaces

Sold by the 50lb. Bag or by the Pallet

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4 FT Snow Stakes

4 FT Orange Snow Stakes Pelham, NH Landscape & Hardscape Supply, Landscaping & Hardscaping Supplies

4 FT Orange Snow Stakes

Snow Shovels

The Bulldozer Snow Shovels Pelham, NH Landscape & Hardscape Supply, Landscaping & Hardscaping Supplies

The Bulldozer Snow Shovel

  • 48" Straight Vinyl Covered Steel Handle

  • 24" Poly Pusher Blade

  • Non Abrasive

  • Safe On All Surfaces

  • PRO Style Pusher

excavator snow plow shovel

The Excavator Snow Shovel

  • Straight Vinyl Covered Steel Handle

  • 18" Poly Combo Blade

  • Custom Molded D-Grip

  • Non Abrasive

  • Safe On All Surfaces

Bulk Sand & Salt/Sand Mix

Acres Edge carries Bulk Sand & Salt/Sand Mix.

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Commercial Snowplowing & Snow Removal Services

Acres Edge also offers Commercial Snowplowing & Snow Removal services.

For more information and to obtain a quote, contact us at 603-635-2400.

Southern NH Commercial Snow Removal & Snow Plowing

"Committed to Quality - Dedicated to Service"

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